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CFC is a global community of family evangelizers dedicated to the defense of the family. It is recognized by the Vatican as a private international association of the faithful. With headquarters in Manila, CFC is globally governed by it's International Council, an elected group of elders tasked with overseeing the work, the organization and the spiritual advancement of the members.
CFC Germany is the German Mission of Couples for Christ Global Missions Foundation, Inc. It is part of CFC's global family of communities across the globe.

CFC Vision and Mission

We are living in a time of rapid change. Everything is changing -- social values, relationships, economic systems, ideologies and many other things that affect life in general. Caught in this tide of change is the family. Some futurists predict that the time is coming when the family shall be totally irrelevant and unnecessary in a world that is dominated by technological change. In some parts of the world, the family no longer operates like it used to. We see this as a matter of serious importance. We believe that the family is a creation of God and no one else has any right to change it, its structure and its purpose.

We believe that God's plan for all creation continues to operate, "namely, to bring all things in the heavens and on earth into one under Christ's headship"(Eph 1:10). We believe that God wants us to rise up in defense of His work.

Couples for Christ is a creation of God distinctly called to bring families back to the plan of God. Couples for Christ is called to bring the Lord's strength and light to those who are struggling to be truly Christian families in the modern world.

In submission to God's will, Couples for Christ commits itself to this mission. Couples for Christ will serve wherever God brings it to serve, trusting only in His guidance and His power. Couples for Christ is Pro-God, Pro-Family, Pro-Poor and Pro-Life.


CFC is a community of Families in the Holy Spirit Renewing the Face of the Earth.

Moved by the Holy Spirit, one with the Catholic Church, blessed to witness to Christ’s love and service, Couples for Christ is a united global community of family evangelizers that sets the world on fire with the fullness of God’s transforming love.



We are Couples for Christ. We are committed to live in God’s righteousness and holiness, evangelizing people through a life of love and service; we shall work for the renewal of families that will serve God and build generations of Christian leaders; and, we shall pursue Total Christian Liberation through social justice, respect for life, and work with the poor

The CFC Arch

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