This year's theme


CFC is a global community of family evangelizers dedicated to the defense of the family. It is recognized by the Vatican as a private international association of the faithful. With headquarters in Manila, CFC is globally governed by it's International Council, an elected group of elders tasked with overseeing the work, the organization and the spiritual advancement of the members.
CFC Germany is the German Mission of Couples for Christ Global Missions Foundation, Inc. It is part of CFC's global family of communities across the globe.

Fr. Willy Escalante's Parish in Palawan

Fr. Willie Escalante, previously the spiritual director of CFC Hamburg until his reassignment back to the Philippines, is requesting CFC's help in building a new parish church.


Fr. Willie actively supported CFC during his tenure in Hamburg. Aside from giving spiritual direction to our brothers and sisters in CFC Hamburg, he particpated in many CFC activities, including conferences.Fr. Wilie is now the parish priest of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Parish in Balabac Island, Palawan.

Balabac is the southernmost island in the Palawan archipelago. Lacking the infrastructure to support visitors, Balabac is not very high in the tourists' list of places to visit. Visiting the island requires a 4-hour boat ride from Riotuba, the southern end of Palawan island. South, across the Balabac Straits is Borneo.

Fr. Willie is now in charge of the spiritual needs of the residents in this remote place.

Fr. Willie's projekt is the building of a new parish church. He is requesting CFC to support his efforts. This is a call for all CFC members to chip in. This is another opportunity that has been given to us to contribute to God's work. Building the church is also part of our evangelization work. Please contact Bro. Ely in Hamburg for details. The following pictures will give you an idea of what Fr. Willie is trying to achieve. With God's grace he will achieve it.