This year's theme


CFC is a global community of family evangelizers dedicated to the defense of the family. It is recognized by the Vatican as a private international association of the faithful. With headquarters in Manila, CFC is globally governed by it's International Council, an elected group of elders tasked with overseeing the work, the organization and the spiritual advancement of the members.
CFC Germany is the German Mission of Couples for Christ Global Missions Foundation, Inc. It is part of CFC's global family of communities across the globe.


ANCOP is a social ministry of Couples for Christ. It stands for ANswering the Cry Of the Poor. Lead by ANCOP President, Bro. Erico de los Reyes, ANCOP pursues projects to uplift the poor through various programs.

CSP or the Child Scholarship Program sends children and youth to schools. It enables CFC communities worldwide to support children and youth from less fortunate families. The program supports elementary to college level scholars. Various schools and colleges support the program through partnerships with ANCOP.

The costs are minimal:

- elementary to high school scholars cost the sponsor €300 per year, while
- college level scholars cost €600 per year.

ANCOP also has a shelter program which build houses for recipients. At €2.500 per house, the cost is minimal but goes a long way towards helping those who are in need.

ANCOP also sends healthcare missions to areas which need it. CFC members in the medical profession volunteer their time and skills on these missions. Most recently, one such mission was conducted in the island of Tawi-tawi where hundreds of were treated. A mission costs around €8.000 and the call is out to all CFC members worldwide to lend their helping hand.

Contact your community head for more details. Additionally, you can also contact the following ANCOP Coordinators:
- CFC Germany: Bro Hector Aguilar
- CFC Europe: Bro Elmer Pagdilao