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CFC is a global community of family evangelizers dedicated to the defense of the family. It is recognized by the Vatican as a private international association of the faithful. With headquarters in Manila, CFC is globally governed by it's International Council, an elected group of elders tasked with overseeing the work, the organization and the spiritual advancement of the members.
CFC Germany is the German Mission of Couples for Christ Global Missions Foundation, Inc. It is part of CFC's global family of communities across the globe.

CFC Germany Contacts

CFC Berlin

CFC BMWHEP - Bonn, Münster, Werl, Hemer, Eifel, Paderborn

CFC Bremen

CFC Essen

  • Bro Boy Atienza, email: 

CFC Frankfurt

CFC Hamburg

CFC Mainz

CFC Germany National Leaders

Regional Coordinator, Central Europe: Bro Nolet Ladrido (Manila, Phils.)
Country Coordinator, Germany: Bro Junn Enriquez (Manila, Phils)
National Director: Bro Ely dela Cruz
Country Governance Team: Bro Bert Comia (Essen), Bro Ely dela Cruz (Hamburg), Bro Gener Marzan (Mainz), Bro Hector Aguilar, Bro Boy Atienza (Essen), Bro Jeng Dalusong (Mainz/Frankfurt)
HOLD Core Team: Sis Brenda de Rocco (BMWHEP), Sis Inci Strubelj (Essen)
National Music Minstry Coordinator : Bro Boy Atienza (Essen)
National ANCOP Coordinator: Bro Hector Aguilar