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CFC is a global community of family evangelizers dedicated to the defense of the family. It is recognized by the Vatican as a private international association of the faithful. With headquarters in Manila, CFC is globally governed by it's International Council, an elected group of elders tasked with overseeing the work, the organization and the spiritual advancement of the members.
CFC Germany is the German Mission of Couples for Christ Global Missions Foundation, Inc. It is part of CFC's global family of communities across the globe.

CFC Germany has a new Country Coordinator

Effective Feb 2012, CFC Germany has a new Country Coordinator. On May 19, the
outgoing Country Coordinator, Bro Nolet Ladrido, officially introduced the incoming Country Coordinator, Bro. Bobbee Mella during the meeting hosted by CFC Hamburg and attended by the leaders from the various areas of CFC Germany. Bro Bobbee gave an inspiring talk - Hearts on Fire - during the meeting.

Bro Bobbee's visit came right after the European CFC-SOLD conference in Bratislava. He visited with CFC Frankfurt, CFC Mainz, CFC Essen and CFC BMWHEP before the meeting in Hamburg.

Bro. Bobbee and his wife, Sis. Marivic are active in CFC San Francisco. Bro Bobbee also serves in the National Council of CFC USA and is the CFC SOLD National Coordinator. They will be visiting CFC Germany again in August for the National Family Day scheduled for 25 -26 August. He is also planning to conduct the ABBA Father retreat for CFC men in August.

Bro Nolet Ladrido assumes the postion of Regional Coordinator for Central Europe while continuing as Country Coordinator for CFC Switzerland.